Lada Coin

A decentralized system aimed at accelerating the adoption of crypto currencies in Africa while also connecting the world to Africa's various natural resources.

About Us

Lada Coin is a decentralized system that aims to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa while connecting the world to the various natural resources in the continent and helping generate passive income streams through Defi, Lending, Staking, and Yield Farming.

We are built on the Polygon (Matic) Blockchain which is one of the fastest and most efficient. Polygon is one of the fastest chains. Through our investment in crop and livestock farming, a charity for farmers, and lots more, we intend to use technology to create massive job opportunities and accelerate the ease of investing in agriculture through our investment in ease of access.

In our tokenomics, we made provision for charity, development, and marketing, which work in tandem to achieve our goals.


  • To assist farmers around the world.
  • To provide farmers a helping hand by connecting the bridge to farming and blockchain.
  • Increase the use of cryptocurrencies in Africa.
  • Boost cryptocurrency acceptance in Africa.
  • Create passive income streams through Defi, staking, Yield Farming, Nfts, and many other methods.
  • Boost the flow of money across Africa by using cryptocurrency.
  • Block-chain technology is being used to help develop farm technology.
  • Bringing the rest of the world closer to reaping the benefits of investing in Africa's natural riches.


To create a safe and secured environments for crypto investors as we accelerate the adoption for crypto currencies
in Africa & support for farmers.



Token Overview

There shall be a maximum supply of 2,000,000,000 LDC tokens upon launch.

Our token contract has a tax of 15% on all transactions which is converted to $MATIC and distributed accordingly:

A. Marketing wallet: 4%
B. Reflections/Dividends to $LDC holders: 3%
C. Liquidity: 2%
D. Development Wallet: 2%
E. Charity/Agriculture wallet: 2%
F. Buy back & Burn: 2%

  1. Partnership wallet:
  2. This wallet would be used to secure partnership that would help improve our community and project. 200,000,000 will be allocated for this.

  3. Private sale:
  4. 100,000,000 shall be sold during private sale.

  5. Exchange/Listing:
  6. 200,000,000 will be allocated for listing on exchanges.

  7. Public Sale/IDO:
  8. 100,000,000 shall be sold during the public sale on the launchpad.

  9. Team:
  10. 248,000,000 shall be allocated as team token which will be vested over a 3 years period.

  11. Staking & Rewards:
  12. 700,000,000 shall be reserved for staking rewards, yield farming & our meta-verse/gaming project which will be announced on our telegram channel.

  1. Marketing wallet:
  2. Nothing happens until a sale is made. Marketing is the heart beat of every business and we have allocated 200,000,000 to the marketing wallet to help sustain and fan the flame of growth we shall experience. This would also be locked and vested over a 5 year period.

  3. Airdrop:
  4. This would help enlarge our community. 2,000,000 LDC would be allocated for this.

  5. Development:
  6. This would be used for the development of the project and also vested over a 5years period. The allocation for this shall be 100,000,000.

  7. Bridge:
  8. We shall create a bridge to several block-chain and we have allocated 150,000,000 to be bridged to other chains.

Token Metrics

Lada Coin Token Metrics
Token name Lada Coin
Ticker LDC
Blockchain Polygon(Matic)
Token Type Utility
Total Supply 2,000,000,000
Private Sale price $0.0001
Public Sale (IDO Price) $0.00025
Launch Price $0.0006
Circulating Supply 5.35% of total supply: 107,000,000

Token Vesting Schedule

Token Allocation % of token Token amount Vesting Schedule
Private Sale 5% 100,000,000 40% at TGE, 10% unlock every month
Public sale(IDO) 5% 100,000,000 10% at TGE, 5% unlock every two weeks
Project Development 5% 100,000,000 Released quarterly over 5 years
Team 12.4% 248,000,000 5% at TGE, 95% Locked for 1year, Unlocked quarterly over 3 years
Marketing 10% 200,000,000 10% release on TGE, unlocked quarterly over 5 years.
Exchange/Listing 10% 200,000,000 10% release on TGE, unlocked quarterly over 5 years.
Blockchain 7.5% 150,000,000 Locked for 2 months to be released quarterly for 12 months.


Team Formation
Social media creation
Website Launch
Lada Coin (LDC) Token Creation
Pitch Deck
Private Sale
IDO(Pink Sale Launchpad)
Lada Coin Token Launch/Listing on Quickswap
Staking Dapp/Smart Contract launch
Telegram & Twitter members growth(500+)
Early Marketing(Radio, Flyers & Billboards)
Cex listing
Certik Audit
Yield Farming DAPP/Contract launch
KCC Bridge
Coingecko Listing
Coin Market Cap listing
Traditional marketing (All over Africa)
Crypto community marketing(Banner ad, Dextools, Poocoin)
Facebook Advert
Agro-Store App development
Team expansion
Secure 5 Partnerships
Grow LDC holders to 5,000
Create liquidity on KCC for Lada Coin
Appoint Lada Coin Ambassadors in different countries for proper administration
NFT market place launch(LDC to be used as native token)
Solana Bridge on Lada Coin
Partnerships with Governments in Africa
Grow LDC holders to 10,000
50,000 Twitter followers
Television Adverts
More billboards(All over Africa)
Renting of farm equipment for farmers
Transport Business launch
Marketing of the transport company
Launch of livestock Farm
Aggressive marketing
Grow LDC holders to 20,000
CEX listing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy $LDC?

We are currently preparing for presale and details would be relayed on our announcement channel on Telegram

Do you have rewards for holders?

Yes, Our token contract has a 15% tax that gives 3% in $MATIC to holders of $LDC

I am having troubles buying and selling $LDC?

Make sure you change the slippage on the exchange to 16-20%. Sometimes the slippage has to be higher to account for the swing in price. If this continues, then try trading a round number of $LDC that ends in 0’s

How do the dividends work?

The dividends on Lada Coin coin is accumulated from the taxes on transactions inside the smart contract and then its automatically distributed to $LDC holders proportionally.

Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, the team token is 15% of total supply( 300,000,000 LDC) 5% to be released TGE, 95% to be locked for 6 months and unlocked quartely for 3 years.

What block-chain are you built on?

Lada Coin token is built on the Polygon(MATIC) Blockchain.

Whats $LDC contract address:?

Contract Address: 0x1ADA022871575D2A93E822Bc744f61e20148FB71


Are your team Doxxed?

Yes, we would be temporarily anonymous but have completed KYC with launchpad and reputable companies as seen on our website. Our team members are very professional and experienced and would be unveiled as written on our road-map 2022(Q1)

What’s your Presale schedule?

Token would be locked in smart contract and 5% would be released once every two weeks.

Who can we contact for marketing?